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Company News

070 Number Range

Following on from Ofcom's changes to the 070 number range which we have previously written about in our blog and mentioned below, we have decided that we will make our 070 number ranges available to purchase from our website and control panel in the next few weeks. At this moment in time, 070 numbers are unable to accept inbound SMS so they can only be used for voice services. Meanwhile, if you are interested in using 070 numbers, please contact the sales team.

New Control Panel

Since it has been a while since we last mentioned anything about the new versions of our control panel and API, we thought it was time for an update; We are pleased to report that the dev team are working on the final group of task lists and milestones, while the design team has been tweaking our branding and putting the finishing touches to the new design system. We are still on track for a soft release in January 2020.

VoIP Hardware Offer

For those of you who do not already know; We are running a promotion for VoIP hardware for the next 5 weeks; You can receive up to £50 call credit when purchasing IP Desk phones, headsets, or any other type of VoIP hardware from us. We only sell the top brands, and all of our phones come pre-configured so you can just take them out of the box and start using them immediately. If you are interested and would like a quote, please contact the sales team and see how we can save you money.

Industry and Regulation News

070 price cap goes live

Ofcom has capped the wholesale cost of connecting 070 calls, to help protect callers from fraud and unexpected call costs. 070 numbers are often mistaken for a mobile number, but cost much more to call, between 45p and £1.10.

Please see the Ofcom site for more information.

Product and Service News

Concatenated SMS

Following on from some customer feedback, we are pleased to announce that we now support concatenated SMS. This means that you can now send a single message with more than 160 characters. This new feature is available to all customers using either myTTNC or our API. Please see our API documentation and Help Guides for more information.

API Call Records update

Again, based on some customer feedback, we have modified our 'GetCDR' API endpoint so now you are able to use our API and search for Call Data Records (CDR's) on multiple numbers rather than just for a single number at a time. Please see our updated API GetCDR Help Guide for more information.

Early access to our Zapier App

We're pleased to announce the launch of the TTNC Zapier App. The App enables you to send SMS or make Phone Calls based on 'Trigger' events from more than 1,500 other apps listed on the Zapier platform. The App is currently in an early access mode so you'll need to use this invite link if you want to use it or take a look: