Fax to Email - updating a longstanding service

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I don't know if it's right that I'm surprised by how often enquiries come up about Fax services. But they do and so it's great that we have an inbound Fax to Email service.

Can you believe that the fax service actually preempted telephones in the late 19th Century? (Thank you Wikipedia)

Anyway back to the 21st Century. The Fax to Email service is really about making the managing of faxes more like managing emails. Any fax received gets turned into an image and attached to an email which is sent to you. That means you can manage them exactly like your emails.

Any number range can be used to receive faxes but you'll find financial benefits when using 0845 or 0844 Numbers. This is mainly the fact that it won't cost you anything to receive a fax.

So while people are still sending faxes you can still receive them, without having a fax machine.

Check out our page for more information about the Fax service.