International Numbers now available from TTNC

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TTNC has been around for nearly ten years now and we’ve always offered a brilliant selection of UK numbers. But now, for the first time ever, we can supply numbers for another 39 countries around the world, including Toll Free numbers for both the USA and Canada. This expands our coverage to over 3,000 cities/areas.

So how could you benefit from getting an international number?

Reach out to new countries

If you're thinking about where to expand your business, don't feel restricted to just the UK. A virtual international number will allow you to advertise in other countries. You'll appear local, giving your callers more confidence. They'll also benefit from only paying local call charges, rather than international rates.

Give your USA and Canadian customers a free number to call

We supply Toll Free numbers to both the USA and Canada. So, if you're looking to expand across the pond, you can now give your callers a way to call you for free. As with Freephone numbers in the UK, Toll Free numbers have been proven to increase response to advertising.

No need to set up new offices

Just because you're advertising internationally, doesn't mean you need to have offices all over the world. Using a virtual international number, simply forward your calls to your existing offices and numbers in the UK. This will save you time, money and travel.

Live international number search

Most companies that offer international numbers can't let you search through what numbers they have available; but we wanted to make sure that you could. And we have. Just like searching through our ranges of UK numbers, you can look through all of the international numbers that are available in any particular country or city.

Complete number management

And just like our UK numbers, you control your numbers. International Numbers you add to your account will appear in myTTNC for you to make changes to as you need to. You can forward the calls to any destination you need, with the call forwarding charges being managed by your call credit as usual.

You can apply the advanced Call Management services to them as well, so there are no limits to the quality of customer experience you can create through these numbers.

Any questions about these new numbers, just let us know. Otherwise you can have a look at more information here or if you’re looking to add numbers to your account, just log in to myTTNC.