Is your telephone number really working for you?

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With any expense you make for your business you want to make sure that it's worth it. Your website, any advert, press release or blog that you have out there you want to know if they're actually generating traffic on your website or through your telephone number; and more importantly if you're getting the conversion from enquiry to sale.

There are a few ways that we can help you can gauge the effectiveness of your SEO work, or your advert placements, that is if you've got one of our telephone numbers on it.

Call Whisper and Number Presentation

These services are about identifying where your calls are coming from. This means you have a quick, anecdotal way of gauging how successful a campaign or advert is.

Call Statistics

This is the crux of using a telephone number - is it getting the calls? With itemised statistics you can track when the calls are coming in, track your peaks and troughs, see where the calls are going, which ones you're missing. From this you can then make decisions to hopefully maximise your opportunities.

Call Recording

The phrase 'This call may be recorded for training and monitoring purposes' washes over us at the start of so many calls. For those of us calling, it doesn't really mean anything, but using Call Recording for this purpose can really make a difference. What are the key questions that keep coming up from your callers? Can your call handling be better to take control of the call and convert the caller sooner? Do those who are taking the calls need more information available to better help the caller?

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