How can a local number help you get more calls versus 03 or 0800 numbers?

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I've had quite a few conversations recently with customers who are using either 03 numbers or 0800 numbers and are now considering getting a local number.

Ultimately what we're finding is that local (or Geographic) numbers are really finding a strong place in business advertising.

Here are a couple of reasons why:

  • There's a significant amount of negativity surrounding the cost to mobile callers calling 08 numbers. This has meant that some of the power 0800 numbers had has waned a little.
  • The 03 number range that Ofcom released as an alternative to 08 numbers is great. If a mobile caller gets free minutes from their provider, the call would be included. But, as one of our customers said, people don't really know about this range and he thinks it's putting people off calling him. He said: “They probably think they’re calling France!”.

The solution - Local Numbers

The solution is a local number - or at least that's where we got to in these conversations.

  • A local number is good for all callers. They enable callers from mobiles to use their inclusive minutes. International callers won't have any problems getting through. Even landline callers could call for free (depending on their provider).
  • Using a local number and an 0800 number gives you a good balance. It allows the caller to choose what number to dial depending on where they're calling from. The majority of people are comfortable with the costs associated with these number ranges.
  • You could present a local number for whatever location you choose. For an internet only company, like our customer, he liked that he could present a local number for the UK mainland even if he was actually based in Northern Ireland. The majority of his enquiries came from the UK mainland.

Explore the number ranges

Each number range has its benefits, but these always need to be weighed up against your customer - ultimately the number is there for you to be in contact with them; choosing the right number could be the difference in making that connection.

Feel free to get in touch with us if you ever want to talk through the different numbers and how you could be using them.