Missed Call Alert service launched

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TTNC is pleased to announce the launch of a Missed Call Alert service which is available on all of TTNC numbers as well as numbers ported in to the TTNC network.

The Missed Call Alert service ensures that TTNC customers do not miss out on important opportunities and they can also see how efficiently their calls are being handled.

Alerts are not only sent if the inbound number is busy (engaged), they are also sent out if the call was unanswered, if the caller hung up whilst the number was ringing or even if the caller hung up after dialling part of the inbound number.

Information in the email alerts include; the callers number (CLI), serthe callers location, the number the caller dialled, the reason for the missed call and the time and date of the missed call, the alerts are sent out within 15 seconds of the missed call happening.

More Information

For more information please visit; https://www.ttnc.co.uk/services/call-management/bolt-ons/missed-call-alert

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