myTTNC - getting help when you need it

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Like the Novero Platform, myTTNC is a real beast. We have a help section in the Novero Platform, but how many of you knew it was even there? As with many things in the control panel it has become neglected and outdated. Plus it's only accessible from within the Novero Platform. Not ideal if you're a bit stuck trying to log in or there's something on the website you don't understand.

With the launch of myTTNC, we can appreciate that using a completely new control panel can be a daunting experience. Although we've tried to make it as easy to use as possible, there may be times when you're stuck scratching your head trying to work out how to do something. So we've got a little something to help make things easier.

Introducing the TTNC Support Centre

You really are a lucky bunch. Not only are we giving you a whole new control panel, but also an entire support website. We felt having a website was better than a help guide within myTTNC as it allowed us to add more information for anything outside the control panel.

The TTNC Support Centre houses step by step guides detailing everything from setting up your numbers and services, to simply resetting your password. Subjects have been organised into categories to help you find exactly what you're looking for, but if you're still a bit lost, we now have a powerful site wide search feature. Just type in any keywords and we'll bring up all possible results.

Fancy a chat?

We hope the step by step guides are easy to follow, but if you're having trouble following them (or perhaps you'd just like a little more information) you can talk to us via live chat. The live chat feature on our website has proven to be very popular with both new and existing customers, so it seemed a no brainer to include it in the Support Centre.

I need a hero!

But how do you get to the Support Centre? We've included a few ways to help you get the help you need. There is a link in the footer of the login page for when you don't want to log in (or can't log in). Once logged in, you can find a link to the Support Centre in breadcrumb as well as a little help icon at the bottom of appropriate pages. Clicking this icon will take you direct to the help page for the service or feature you are trying to use. Can't work out how to set up Virtual Receptionist? No problem - just click the icon and we'll take you direct to the Virtual Receptionist help page.

No longer neglected

The Support Centre will continue to expand as we add new subjects and products. We also hope to add screenshots and video walkthroughs to make things even easier.

This is the last of our weekly blogs about myTTNC. Now all that's left to do is for you to go and use it. We hope you enjoy it and like the improvements we've made over the Novero Platform.