Need to call a 0800 number from your mobile?

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Still no free calls to Freephone numbers from your mobile. And this issue has been running on for years. did some research back in 2008 into calls to freephone numbers from mobile phones:

  • An estimated £88 million is generated for network operators every year from these calls.
  • From 2003 to 2008, there was a 57 per cent increase in the number of UK households that relied solely on mobile phones to make all their calls, rather than a conventional landline.
  • More than two-thirds of those people canvassed in this research said they didn’t know how much their mobile provider was charging them to make a call to a Freephone number from their mobile.

I don’t imagine that it would be a far leap to say that since 2008, the revenue generated will have only gone up; the number of people relying solely on mobile phones will have gone up and the call charges probably aren’t any easier to find.

It is true to say that some charity and helpline Freephone numbers are free to call from a mobile, which is great, but why not the rest. Besides the use, what’s the difference between the charities telephone number and any other Freephone number?

Surely it’s simple – it doesn’t cost the Mobile Operators anything for us to call a Freephone number, so why is it that some Operators are charging us as much as 40 pence per minute?

We’ve decided to do something about it because there’s still not much change coming from Ofcom on this.

Here’s a solution...

We’ve created a way that will let you call any Freephone number from your UK mobile and have that call included in the minutes your Mobile Operator is giving you. It doesn’t matter who you’re with, or what phone you’ve got; any one can use this as all you’ll be doing is dialling a UK landline number to start.

Use your inclusive minutes to call 0800, 0808 and 0500 numbers

It’s completely free to use, there’s no registering to use it and the call to our number will be treated as any other call you make to a UK landline, which means you won’t have to pay for it; it’ll just be included in the minutes you get from your Mobile Operator, or if you’re on Pay As You Go, the call will be charged the same as any other landline call.

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