Introducing our latest service - Outbound Call Recording

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We're really pleased to release for our customers our latest service - Outbound Call Recording.

This service gives you a facility for monitoring your businesses important outbound calls, to protect your staff, to identify opportunities for development and ensure your customers are receiving the service you'd expect.

MONTHLY SERVICE - £9.95 per month

It works from any UK landline or mobile handset and costs nothing to set up. There's no lengthy contract to sign up for either. For each month you want to use it you'll pay £9.95 + VAT.

How it works

To use this service, you go through just a few simple steps. There's no software/hardware to buy and install and no need to find storage space for tapes or discs of recordings.

Once you order it, we give you a dedicated Geographic number (starting 01 or 02). Each time you want to record one of your outbound calls:

Dial your dedicated number Enter your PIN code Dial the number you want to call After this it's just like you've dialled your customer directly; with the exception that within seconds of finishing the call you can listen to and download the recording from the Novero Platform.

Paying for calls

The cost of calls is managed through our Pay As You Go system (much like our inbound call charges). We deduct the call charges from the credit on your account as you make your calls. We'll only deduct the cost for however many seconds you're on a call.

To call a UK landline will cost 4p per minute To call a UK mobile will cost 14p per minute *These rates include a call recording surcharge. Costs will vary for other call destinations.

For more information go to:

Outbound Call Recording Page

To add this to your account, login to the Novero Platform and look for the 'Add Additional Services' link on the left hand side. Click on this and simply follow the steps to set up and start using the Outbound Call Recording service.