Paying for call forwarding as you go - but not worrying about topping up

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It’s been about 8 years since I last had a Pay As You Go (PAYG) mobile and I don’t miss it at all. Sure, I’m probably spending more money each month on my phone bill than I would if I was on PAYG, but the great thing about being on contract is that I don’t have to worry. When I was on PAYG I was constantly checking to see how much credit I had remaining and then having to go into a shop and top up. Which was pretty poor.

We used to only offer PAYG as a way of paying for calls, and a lot of our customers felt the same way as they do about their mobiles. They didn't want to constantly check their account to see how much credit they had left and manually top up.

So we made things easier.

Automatic Top Up

Just over 3 years ago, we introduced an Automatic Top Up service to take the hassle out of PAYG. And even after all this time, we still get a brilliant response from customers.

There's no need to keep an eye on your call credit as much and you don't need to top up manually; we take care of everything. When you get to £5 or less of call credit, we top you up by a specified amount. It's as simple as that.

This service doesn't just work with PAYG however. If you're on a Pay Monthly tariff, you can set up Automatic Top Up to add some backup credit, incase you go over your monthly allowance. If you continually run over your monthly allowance, Automatic Top Up will make sure your backup credit is always topped up.

Automatic Top Up is also great as a disaster recovery solution. If you have no internet access to login to myTTNC, there's no need to desperately hunt around for a connection. If you're going away on holiday, you don't need to give someone else access to your account. Just relax knowing that our systems will keep your numbers up and running.

Something for mobile providers to think about?

As I said at the beginning, the big problem with PAYG is the hassle associated with it. Checking your credit balance, topping up and not being able to use the service when you run out of credit are a pain in the bum. However, if you don't use your phone a lot, PAYG can save you a lot of money.

Perhaps if mobile operators offered an Automatic Top Up service as well, PAYG would become a lot more desirable...