5 of the best VoIP/SIP phones on the market

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Choosing the hardware for your VoIP/SIP service requires a lot of research, which can be time-consuming. In this article, we have created our top 5 VoIP/SIP phones for all budgets.

Top VoIP phone between £300-£500

Gigaset Pro Maxwell 10

This VoIP phone has me lusting over it the moment I set my eyes on the gorgeous 10-inch multi-touch display. This amazing VoIP phone has the brawn to match its beauty. The phone boast an integrated front-facing camera, for HD (720p) video, an additional camera can be attached via USB to allow for conference calling. The sound on this phone is superb, it has three integrated loudspeakers for crisp and high-end HD audio quality.

Top VoIP phone between £200-£250

Grandstream GXV-3275

The Grandstream is a great phone for those seeking a modern fully featured VoIP/SIP phone without the premium price of the Gigaset Pro Maxwell 10. The Grandstream has a 7” 1024x600 capacitive touchscreen with Android OS 4.2 giving you full access to Google Play Store (Web Browser, Skype, Microsoft Lync, Facebook, Twitter, etc.). The GXV3275 supports 6 lines with up to 6 SIP accounts. A neat feature is the phone book which allows you to store up to 1,000 contacts and call history for up to 1,000 records. Like most phones on the list the GXV-3275 rocks HD audio.

Top VoIP phone between £150-£250

Yealink Yea SIP T48G

The Yealink T48G is a fully functional Gigabit VoIP phone. At the heart of the phone is a bright 7” 800 x 480pixel touch screen, which can be wall mounted.

The phone also features Bluetooth functionality, Optima HD voice for life-like conversations over its HD handset and 16 line Gigabit SIP. You can also attach third-party headsets wired or via Bluetooth.

Top VoIP phone between £50 -£100

Gigaset C430A

This hybrid DECT IP phone can handle landline and VoIP calls, making it ideal for individuals who work from home but want the functionality of a VoIP phone with. It can be expanded with up to 6 handsets  and 4 (3 SIP +1 PSTN) Parallel calls. Gigabit phones are famous for being easy set up and perfect for those new to VoIP/SIP.

Top VoIP phone between £20-50

Grandstream GXP1628

Grandstreams GXP1628 is a powerful IP phone suitable form small to medium business. The Phone is Linux based and features a backlit 132 x 48 pixel LCD display. Some of the features we like are its Acoustic Echo Cancelation, 500 contact phone book, and HD Wideband Audio.Grandstream GXP1628. Did we miss one? Let us know in the comments section below.