TTNC gets the UK's largest allocation of 03 UK Wide Numbers

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Ofcom has issued TTNC Limited with 24 different blocks 03 UK Wide Number Ranges, this means that TTNC has 240,000 UK Wide Numbers in total, which is currently the largest allocation of 03 Numbers given to any operator in the UK.

TTNC will make the 03 Numbers available to Charities, Government, Businesses and the General Public at the end of May, 2007. A large amount of businesses will be changing their existing 0870 Numbers to 033, 034 and 037 Numbers, and a large amount of Charities and Government bodies will also want to change their existing Non Geographic Numbers to 030 Numbers as soon as possible.

The big advantage about using an 03 Numbers is that Callers to 03 Numbers will be charged at standard UK landline rates, and 03 Numbers can be included in 'Inclusive Minutes' for Mobile Telephones or in Landline Call Packages such as BT's 'Friends and Family'. They will be considered more 'customer friendly' 0870, 0845, 0871 and 0844 Numbers.

The owner of an 03 UK Wide Number will have to pay Call Costs for their Inbound Calls, TTNC expects to charge about 2 Pence per Minute when an 03 Number is Routing to a UK landline, and about 16 Pence per Minute to UK when Routing to a UK Mobile.

For more information about 03 UK Wide Numbers please visit these pages on the TTNC Web site:

If you would like to be added to TTNC's mailing list, or need more information about 03 Numbers or any other services, then please email or call 0800 468 1000.