TTNC News - March 2019

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As we've previously mentioned, some of our goals this year are to simplify and reduce pricing, introduce new service plans and offer new payment options.

This month we are rolling out the first of these changes and are pleased to announce new pricing for call forwarding and outbound VoIP calls and new pricing for sending SMS.

The team is also busy continuing offering credit terms and Direct Debit payment options to some customers, this reduces administration and costs for both parties, so if you're interested in changing how you pay, please get in touch.

Industry and Regulation News

The Price Cap for calling 118 Numbers

From the 1st April 2019, the maximum amount a 118 service can charge will be £3.65 per 90 seconds. Read more

Nuisance calls & text messages

This month saw Ofcom and the Information Commissioner’s Office publish an update on their joint action plan to tackle nuisance calls and text messages. Ofcom has also published some useful advice on how to protect yourself against unwanted calls and text messages which we recommend you take a look at.

Product and Service News

Inbound Call Recording Email Notifications.

A feature requested by a number of customers has gone live this month.

As you know, Call Recording can be applied to an entire call or specific IVR options.

Previously, only myTTNC displayed the selected keypad options, now this data is replicated in our email alerts, so you can easily identify the path of the call and the option that was recorded.