TTNC releases more Freephone number ranges

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Due to a continued demand for Freephone numbers, TTNC has released and activated 9 new 0800 Freephone number ranges today, this makes TTNC one of the largest providers of Freephone numbers in the UK with 59,000 Freephone numbers currently live on our network.

Now established as one of the leading suppliers of Freephone Numbers in the UK, TTNC's inbound call charges are nearly 2 pence per minute cheaper than BT and some other Operators, as well as lower charges, TTNC also offers real-time number provisioning, online number management and detailed call statistics.

About Freephone numbers

0800 and 0808 Freephone Numbers are considered to be the most 'Customer Friendly' Telephone Numbers available. By using a Freephone Number you are enabling people to call you Free of Charge, from any landline in the UK.

Freephone Numbers are widely recognised as one of the most powerful marketing tools to use in business. Research has shown that;

  • People are more likely to call Freephone numbers than standard Numbers
  • Freephone Numbers generate 3 times more calls than standard numbers
  • People believe companies using Freephone numbers are reliable
  • Customers will call you more frequently, creating greater loyalty
  • An estimated 50% of advertisers use a Freephone Number
  • Advertising response can increase by 50% to 300%

More information

If you would like more information about TTNC's Freephone numbers or would like to purchase a Freephone number, please visit -

About TTNC Limited
TTNC Limited is one of the UK's leading Communications Network Operators that provides Businesses and Individuals with Telephone Numbering Services, Inbound Call Management Services, and Voice over IP Services. TTNC is regulated by Ofcom and is also a member of Otelo.