Updates to myTTNC out now (v1.2)

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At the beginning of March we launched myTTNC version 1.1, bringing with it a whole selection of new features including Address Book, updates to Time Based Forwarding as well as some big design changes.

Now less then 2 months later, we are pleased to announce version 1.2, which is already live. If you haven’t already seen the changes, what can you expect to find the next time you log in?

Changes to the login and the welcome screens

We really think that myTTNC looks great. However, one page that didn't really do the control panel justice was the login screen. The first thing you'll notice when you next visit myTTNC is the brand new login screen, which is much more in line with the overall design of the rest of the control panel.

If you have it enabled, or you're logging in for the first time, you'll also notice a big change to the welcome screen. The idea behind the original welcome screen was to give you a quick tour of the changes to the control panel, however it wasn't always clear that this was just a splash page and led to some confusion. The new design highlights the features of myTTNC with beautiful big screenshots, all on one page.

Notifications and Inbox

Our biggest new feature is notifications. You may have noticed that with version 1.1 we added three little icons to the header, however only the basket icon really did anything. But now we have enabled full system notifications as well as message alerts.

You can now see any changes to your account such as when an automatic top up takes place or when you pay an invoice. Message alerts tell you when you miss a call or receive a voicemail message.

But what if you want to manage your notifications or view more detailed information? You can now do this through the brand new section; Inbox. Here you can view a history of all your account activity as well as listen to voicemail messages.

And for the first time ever, you can now view and download any fax messages you've received. This has been a much requested feature in the past, so we really think people will be happy with the convenience of being able to view any faxes received within the last 30 days all in one place.

Updates to the Help Centre

Before we launched myTTNC, we made a promise that the new Help Centre wouldn't be neglected like the one for the Novero Platform (our old control panel) and we're really making good on that promise. Based on customer feedback, we've added 'jump-to' links to the top of any pages with multiple sections.

For example, if you're setting up Call Forwarding, you can jump to 'forwarding to a single number', 'setting up a Hunt Group' or 'Forward to All' or 'forwarding to VoIP' or 'internationally'. There's now no need to search through the page to find what you're after.

We've also added some gorgeous effects to the page when you click on one of the links. The page smoothly scrolls down and the section you've selected highlights blue for a few seconds. So now you know exactly where you are on the page. And 'Back to top' links help you get to the top of each page instantly.

There's still more to come

myTTNC is only five months old, but already we've launched two major updates and we still have loads more ideas for new features and improvements we want to add. If you haven't already checked out the new changes in myTTNC, then get logged in now!

Remember to keep an eye out on our blog, social media networks as well as within myTTNC for any future announcements and let us know what you think of the new changes in the comments below.