TTNC Call Recording Control

TTNC’s Call Recording Control service allows agents to pause and resume recording during the conversation, reassuring customer when processing payments and preventing sensitive data from being stored.

Price caps for intra-EU communications

New EU rules on retail price caps for intra-EU communications are being introduced and come into effect on the 15th May 2019

TTNC Ring Groups

Ring Groups are a great way to control and share the distribution of incoming calls amongst employees and departments

Enhanced Inbound Calls Webhook

TTNC has made some enhancements to our Inbound Calls Webhook: When this webhook is enabled you will receive a JSON payload

Infrastructure upgrades and introducing Docker Containers

Last year we completed a significant infrastructure upgrade. This included moving our entire infrastructure on to new hardw

myTTNC update - User Logins and Permissions

We’re very pleased to announce the latest enhancement to our service. This is one I’m sure will please a lot of our custome

Updates to myTTNC out now (v1.2)

At the beginning of March we launched myTTNC version 1.1, bringing with it a whole selection of new features including Addr

Updates to myTTNC released this week (v1.1)

myTTNC only launched 3 months ago and in that time we've received an excellent response from our customers. But rather tha

TTNC Releases New Services and New Updates

At TTNC we provide business’ with many services which allow them to be in total control of their numbers without having to

Real-Time Statistics and Reports Available for Inbound Calls

Real-Time Call Statistics and Billing information for Inbound Calls are now available to all of TTNC's customers using the

The Novero Platform™ is Launched

We are pleased to Announce the Launch of the Novero Platform™ which is Version 2.0 of our Online Control Panel. Customers n

Online Number Search made more Advanced

TTNC's Online Number Search has been updated so users can search Number Ranges that either Contain or End with a Specific N

Extra Details for Online Call Statistics and CDR's

After receiving feedback from customers, we decided to update our Call Stats with the following changes; Call Statistics in

Number Presentation Feature on all NGN's

TTNC can now offer Number Presentation on Incoming Calls made to Non Geographic Numbers (NGN's). When TTNC delivers the cal

VoIP Services now available on all of our Numbers

TTNC is proud to announce that all of our Non Geographic and Geographic Numbers can now be terminated to SIP, IAX or H.323

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