Enhanced Inbound Calls Webhook

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TTNC has made some enhancements to our Inbound Calls Webhook:

When this webhook is enabled you will receive a JSON payload whenever a caller dials the TTNC Number in question. 

You will also receive a JSON payload whenever the caller moves through any option based menus, if you have set up the webhook on these menu options.

There will be three new features in the Inbound Call JSON payloads (for Start of Call, Call Progress and Call Roundup) 

1. string “anumber_contact_name”

This is the Contact Name assigned to the Telephone Number (CLI) and Address Book entry which are manually entered or assigned from an Inbound Call. If you don’t have a Contact assigned to the Inbound CLI, this field defaults to “-“.

2. array “bnumber_tags”

This will contain all TAGS associated with the TTNC Number and will show in this format [ “tag1" , “tag2” ]. If you don’t have any TAGS set up, this field defaults to [ ].

3. string “bnumber_alias”

This is the Alias or Nickname of the TTNC Number. If you don’t have a Number Alias or Nickname set up, this field defaults to “-”.

These changes will come into effect on Monday, 7th August 2017 (09.00 hour BST).

We’ve updated out Webhooks page with these new features, to view these and all of our other features please visit - https://help.ttnc.co.uk/docs/webhooks

There should be no impact on your service and you’ll now be able to get more impressive data! 

However, we do recommend that you check your code to make sure there’s no negative impact and please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.