How-To: Use TTNC's Call Recording Control

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Recording calls with your customers can provide valuable information and help you with agent training, dispute resolution and understanding customer sentiment.

However, there are some parts of a conversation that you shouldn't record, such as when a customer gives you their credit card number or home address, or if your customer doesn't consent to you recording the call.

TTNC’s Call Recording Control service allows agents to pause and resume recording during the conversation, reassuring customer when processing payments and preventing sensitive data from being stored.

How does it work?

If you have call recording enabled, you need to press 555 on your keypad to pause the recording, when you do this, both agent and caller will hear a beep to confirm that the recording has been paused. To resume the recording, the agent presses 555 again.

The final recording will be saved as a single file, with silence during the paused period.

The TTNC Call Recording Control feature works from any handset and is available on the following services;

  • Inbound Numbers
  • VoIP User and SIP Trunks
  • Make a Call
  • Dial Through


Using our Call Recording Control will help you stay GDPR complaint when collecting Personally Identifiable Information (PII). If your agents collect PII, it could be a liability to have that information stored in a recording if it isn’t necessary.


There is no additional charge for our Call Recording Control feature beyond the current call recording charge of 2p per minute. Paused recordings continue to record silence to preserve continuity and are billed for the full duration of the recording.

Getting Started

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