TTNC Releases New Services and New Updates

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At TTNC we provide business’ with many services which allow them to be in total control of their numbers without having to constantly monitor them. With Missed Call Alerts, our customers would receive an email alert every time a call to their number is missed and with our Voicemail service all messages are sent as alerts to our customers via email too.

Understanding that business today is extremely mobile, TTNC has moved to try and provide this level of control and notification whilst on the move. This is why we have introduced our new facility of SMS Message Alerts.

SMS Alerts direct to up to 3 mobile numbers†

All of our current services, which alert you via email, can now have SMS Messages enabled as well as, or in place of email alerts. These include;

  • Voicemail Alerts
  • Missed Call Alerts
  • Low Balance Alerts

You are able to specify up to 3 mobile numbers for your SMS Message Alerts, similar to the 3 email addresses for Email Alerts. You can read more detail on our Alert Services page.

†SMS Alerts are charged at 15 pence per message (deducted from your Call Credit) or alternatively you can purchase a bulk of SMS Messages, which are stored in your SMS Credit Balance. A new facility is available via the Top up section of the Novero Platform in order to purchase SMS Credits.

In accordance with this new payment system SMS Charge Statistics are now available to view on your account as well as Low SMS Credit alerts similar to Low Call Credit Balance alerts.

Customisible Low Call Credit and Low SMS Credit Alerts

With this new level of control we are also providing our customers with Customisable Low Call Credit and Low SMS Credit alert Thresholds. Until now Thresholds were set at £15, £10 and £5 remaining but you can now change these to amounts more appropriate to your business. Alerts will be sent to you once your Call Credit Balance or SMS Credit Balance passes the set Thresholds. You are able to receive alerts by Email or SMS Message to up to three recipients.

How to take advantage In order to use these new facilities you will need to have an account for our Novero Platform, which every customer gets after purchasing a telephone number from our website. Once you have logged into your Novero account, these options will be available to you provided you have the relevant services purchased and enabled on your account. For further assistance please consult our online Novero Platform Manual.