Infrastructure upgrades and introducing Docker Containers

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Last year we completed a significant infrastructure upgrade. This included moving our entire infrastructure on to new hardware in 5 new data centres across 3 countries (UK, France and USA).

Elastic capacity and Docker Containers

One of the biggest changes to our core infrastructure is the use of Docker Containers. We've modularised our entire Applications infrastructure, including our softswitches into Docker Containers. This gives us true elastic capacity meaning we can scale our network on demand.

We can ensure our network, hardware and services never exceed a certain amount of capacity. This is done by carefully monitoring our network with sophisticated capacity thresholds in place. We're able to predict and automatically introduce one or more telecoms switches, or servers to our network in a matter of minutes. This type of  elastic capacity is something few other providers can have in place.

Another advantage of using Docker Containers is the fact that we can isolate them on our network. We can then provide dedicated capacity for voice, data and SMS traffic, either over the public Internet, VPN or SIP Trunks.

We’re extremely pleased with the results of our efforts so far. In March 2016 we provided the inbound call and SMS voting system for the Persian version of X Factor. This is televised by cable, satellite and Internet TV all over the world. We provided the entire call and SMS voting system and processed millions of calls and SMS messages each week over a 10 week period.

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