myTTNC update - User Logins and Permissions

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We’re very pleased to announce the latest enhancement to our service. This is one I’m sure will please a lot of our customers, based on the feedback we've received so far.

You can now set up additional users for your myTTNC account and set up permissions for those users. This means allowing or restricting access to services, actions and areas within myTTNC.

How does it work and what can you do?

The account holder has a hidden 'owner' role and only they have full access to set up users and permissions.

Types of users

  • Contact Only - Users receive email notifications and alerts. They don’t have a login for myTTNC
  • Administrator – Can log into myTTNC with full rights (except editing the owner)
  • Editor – Can log into myTTNC and edit all services except financial services
  • Call Reports – Can log into myTTNC and access call logs, download statistics (as a CSV) and listen to call recordings (where the service is available)

We expect to expand on the user roles and permissions, so please let us know any ideas you have or what you think about the service.