Updates to myTTNC released this week (v1.1)

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myTTNC only launched 3 months ago and in that time we've received an excellent response from our customers. But rather than just putting our feet up and taking it easy, we've been hard at work and are pleased to announce the launch of the first major update to myTTNC, bringing some exciting new features.

So what changes can you expect when you next log in?

Address Book - the new way to manage your destinations

Our first big update is the introduction of an Address Book in the Phone Numbers section. Address Book allows you to add and save any destination numbers you forward to. You can create groups of forwarding destinations as well.

What does that mean?

Well firstly, when you're setting up a number, you can now simply type in the name of an address you've added. For example, you could have 'Bertie's Mobile' as an address. In the destination input where you'd normally type the mobile number, you can simply type 'Bertie's Mobile' and myTTNC will take care of the rest. We even provide an autocomplete feature so you won't even have to type the full name.

Secondly, you can create a group to use as a Hunt Group or Forward to All setup. Add the contacts you want, drag them in the order you want them to ring (although this doesn't matter with Forward to All) and give the group a name. You can then just enter the group name in the destination input when setting up a number.

The best part of this; any changes you make to an individual contact or group in Address Book will automatically update the set up of the numbers using that contact or group.

For example, what if Bertie gets a new mobile? Normally you'd have to go through each of your numbers and change the destination. With Address Book, you simply update Bertie's mobile and that will automatically update the numbers that forward to the address. It can essentially be used to bulk edit your destinations.

Time Based Forwarding - now even better to match your number to your business hours

One of the major new features we introduced with the initial release of myTTNC was the advanced Time Based Forwarding setup. This gave users much more control to create time plans to meet their needs. We received a lot of positive feedback regarding this feature, but some people found the interface a little confusing.

We're hell bent on making the greatest and easiest to use control panel, so based on some of that feedback we've completely redesigned the Time Based Forwarding page. The old Time Based dials have now been replaced with two flip clocks, allowing you to either type the time you want or use the arrow buttons to make adjustments; which we hope will be a lot clearer.

It's also a lot clearer how to create a new Time Plan or edit an existing one. Previously, this was done in a separate box below the Time Plan list, which in hind sight wasn't very obvious. But now any changes can be made in line with the Time Plan list.

Want to change the start time? Or maybe you no longer want to receive calls on a particular day of the week? Simply click the 'Edit times' button and the Time Plan will slide open allowing you to make any changes to the name, days and times.

User Interface (UI) changes - 60% of the time, it's better every time

We've also made a number of UI changes, to make myTTNC not only look better, but also improve usability.

The header has been reduced in height to give you that little bit more space to work in. We think it looks a lot more professional and sleeker.

The way the pages scroll has also been improved. Previously, only the content scrolled with the side navigation staying in place. However a few users were having an issue getting to some of the lower links, so now everything scrolls.

The Support Centre is a great way to find out how to set things up with step by step guides. But now it's even easier to follow with the addition of screenshots.

We've only just begun

myTTNC was a massive improvement over anything we offered previously and we have loads of ideas to make it even better. We may have only just finished version 1.1, but we won't be taking a break anytime soon.

So keep an eye out for any future announcements on our blog, social media networks and from within myTTNC itself.