No one likes a clamping company - could using a Local Number help?

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The answer to this is probably no. I can’t really think of a positive scenario for the person being clamped; but I suppose they do provide a positive service in deterring people from parking where they shouldn’t, which could be an inconvenience to others, or the emergency services, for example.

Mobile cowboys

Well, I was sitting in a car park waiting to pick someone up and saw a clamping company's sign, and you guessed it, it had a mobile number on it.

I've never experienced being clamped, but I've heard and read about some pretty poor stories about it. Often clamping company's are perceived as being "cowboys". For me, a mobile number isn't helping their cause.

Mobile flexibility

Mobile phones are great in terms of the flexibility they provide. Everyone's got one. But when it comes to businesses, they just don't quite seem to fill us with confidence. May be this will disappear over time, but a landline number gives a much better impression of a business over just a mobile number.

Sneaky Local Numbers

That's why we supply Local Numbers. Now, we could be accused of being sneaky. This clamping company that was displaying a mobile number could display a Local Number and still get the calls on their mobile. Is there any difference then? Well, I think it's about perception. At least if they've taken the time to organise a Local Number, they're recognising the concerns of people they interact with. If that's the case, then that at least begins to show they are human after all, and not just some cowboy out to make as much cash as he can from someone else's inconvenience.

But may be there's no hope for a clamping company, whatever number they use.