Withdrawal of pre-call announcement on 070 Numbers

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Ofcom today published an update explaining the withdrawal of a requirement for calls to 070 numbers priced at more than 20 pence per minute to carry a free pre-call announcement which informs consumers about the cost of the call.

Ofcom continues to investigate how the use of free pre-call announcements may disrupt important services, used for protecting human life and property, running on such numbers.

See Ofcom's letter to industry dated 14th November 2007 at:


070 prefixed numbers offer a "find me anywhere" service whereby individuals can arrange to receive their calls at different locations at different times of the day. Ofcom is concerned that such services can be used to scam consumers, based on the risk of confusion with mobile numbers and the higher cost of calling 070 numbers.

Ofcom wants to ensure that consumers get stronger protection in this area. Last year, Ofcom announced its decision to end the 070 personal numbering range by the end of July 2009. It will now be considering whether this timetable can be brought forward. Separately Ofcom will continue to take enforcement action where we find evidence of abuse.

Full details of Ofcom's approach to 070 and today's update can be found at