A conversation with a customer - 0800 Numbers vs Local Numbers

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A customer called to enquire about an 0800 number. A friend has advised her to get an 0800 number, but she was concerned about the forwarding cost.

I had a lengthy chat with her about 0800 numbers. One of my key questions to her was what areas does she trade in?

Her response was: "Well, an 0800 number shows that you're a big company and it looks more professional". She then informed me that she trades in two areas, which are not near to where she lives.

So, I asked her about using a Local Number. She replied: "If I show a Redditch number (where she lives) customers in Stratford will be less likely to call me because I’m too far away".

What she didn't realise is, she can have a Local Number for Stratford and be receiving the calls miles away in Redditch. Another benefit of a Local Number is that calls being forwarded to a UK landline are charged at 1.5p less than if forwarded from an 0800 number.

The customer wasn't aware of these benefits, her eyes were opened and suddenly she could see the advantage of Local Numbers over 0800 Numbers.

This was totally new to her.

What this highlights is that there are key questions you need to ask when considering what sort of number to get for your business.

  • What areas do you trade in?
  • Where are you going to be forwarding your calls?
  • Where will your customers be calling from (landline or mobile)?

For this customer, opening up her eyes to Local Numbers gave her another angle and a totally new outlook. For her, the benefits of Local Numbers far outweighed her initial desire to get an 0800 number.