Call Recording - Enabling Training and Monitoring

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Last time on our blog we were talking just generally about improving your customer’s experience through your telephone number. The plan is now, over the next few weeks, to have a look at some individual services a bit more closely.

This week: Call Recording.

It’s all about perspective

Call Recording is a service that can serve different purposes. Before we get into that, how does it work?

With TTNC, you simply add the Call Recording service to a number and enable it. By doing this you’re saying I want to record all the calls that come in on this number. We manage all the storing of the recordings on our system; we’ll keep them for 30 days and you can access and download them from your account on the control panel.

That’s the “how does it work” bit done, why would you use this service? Lets look at two sides of the service:

  • Security for you

Call recording used to be a really expensive service that was mainly used by banks and insurance firms, places like that. They were able to afford the huge amount of equipment required, the discs, the storage etc. But also, they were the sort of organisation that really needed it. I think we’ve all had experience of this taking place. We’ve probably all been recorded saying ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to a series of legal questions being asked by the person on the end of the phone.

Having a record of a conversation gives you security. This can be applied to any kind of business, large or small. For some it may not seem as necessary, but if you’re providing quotes, or advice or making appointments, you may find it beneficial to know that you’ve got a record of the exact conversation that took place.

  • Training for your staff

When I worked in call centres this was both a funny exercise and a painful one. Monitoring recorded calls is time consuming, but it can be really effective. The funny bit is the fact that not many people like to hear themselves talking! However, enabling your staff to listen back to what they’ve been saying is a great way to learn, change and develop.

If you have people answering the phone for your business, you want to know that they’re saying the right things, representing your business in the right way and know that they’re achieving what you’ve asked of them.

For your staff, despite how they may protest, they want to know that their managers are interested in what they’re doing. Not in a big brother way, but in a way that means there’s an openness to discuss ideas and see development and improvement in the qualities of the staff.

How does this improve your customer’s experience?

Just from the two perspectives we’ve taken there’s a clear benefit to your customer when using this service.

They benefit from knowing that they can recall a conversation because you’re recording it. They know that you’re interested in ensuring the security of the conversations they have with you. Recording calls doesn’t always have to be about protecting yourself, lets be optimistic and say that it actually works both ways, for you and the customer.

From the perspective of how it helps improve staff, it’s obvious. If your staff are great at handling calls then the customer will have a great experience with the people that represent your business. Engaging your staff in developing their telephone handling skills will also enable them to enjoy being on the phone more.

As we’ve already said, this is a really easy service to add and set up on a number; it’s either on or off.

As always, get in touch if you want to talk through any ideas you have regarding the services we offer or you’re not sure what you need - we’re glad to help.