2.3 Million New UK Town Numbers Released

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TTNC has recently released 2.3 Million Telephone Numbers for 200 of the Largest Towns in the UK. There are thousands of Memorable Numbers available which are particularly suitable for Taxi Companies, Real Estate Agents, Courier Companies and other companies that Advertise 'Locally'.

UK Town Numbers have no Monthly or Annual Service Charge, just a Once-Off Connection Charge and have many uses and benefits such as:

  • Measure Advertising results with detailed Call Statistics and Reports
  • Numbers have no Monthly or Annual Charges
  • Use to advertise in Local Newspapers, Yellow Pages and other 'Local' media.
  • Manage your Number and Call Routing Services using the Novero Platform™
  • Suitable for any size Business or Domestic users anywhere in the World
  • Route Calls to any Landline or Mobile in the UK as well as International destinations
  • Numbers are not tied to a Telecom's Exchange and are completely portable
  • No need to install new Telephone Line or pay Line rental
  • Free termination to SIP or IAX destinations such as an Asterisk Server (PBX)
  • People using any Type of Phone will be able to Call your Inbound VoIP Number
  • g711u and g729a Codec's Supported

Every UK Town Number is also supplied with Free access to The Novero Platform™, this allows customers view Real-Time Call Statistics and configure Inbound Call Services such as:

  • Simple Call Routing
  • Time Based Call Routing
  • Fax to Email Services
  • Voice Mail to Email Services
  • Hunt Groups - Divert when Busy or Unanswered
  • Inbound VoIP Services

TTNC is one of the largest suppliers of Telephone Numbers in the UK and has been allocated with over 7 Million Numbers by Ofcom, the UK Communications Regulator.

For more information, please visit https://www.ttnc.co.uk/phone-numbers/01-and-02-numbers