4.3 Million New Geographic Numbers Released

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TTNC has launched an additional 4.3 Million New Geographic Phone Numbers and can now supply a Number for every Local Area Code in the UK. TTNC's Geographic Numbers can be used for:

  • Routing to any Fixed Line or Mobile Number
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and Menu Services
  • PSTN to VoIP Termination - Supports SIP, IAX & H.323
  • Intelligent Call Routing - Hunt Groups, Time of Day, etc
  • Inbound Fax Numbers to provide a Fax to Email Service

Benefits of using Geographic Numbers

  • Numbers have Once-Off Connection Charge no Monthly or Annual Charges
  • Use to advertise in Local Newspapers, Yellow Pages and other 'Local' media.
  • Manage your Number and Call Routing Services using the Novero Platform™
  • Measure Advertising results with detailed Call Statistics and Reports
  • No need to install new Telephone Line or pay Line rental
  • Route Calls to any Landline or Mobile in the UK as well as International destinations
  • Numbers are not tied to a Telecom's Exchange and are completely portable
  • Free termination to SIP or IAX destinations such as an Asterisk Server (PBX)

Memorable Geographic Numbers

A special note to bargain hunters: Because TTNC's Geographic Number Rages are fairly new and have never been used, there are a few thousand very 'Special' Memorable Numbers available, Numbers of this calibre are rarely available and won't be available for long.

Numbers in our New Geographic Ranges can be ordered in Real-Time via www.ttnc.co.uk and be used immediately.