OFCOM changes to the 0870 Phone Number Range

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Following on from the Strategic Review of the use of Number Translation Service (NTS) in 2005, OFCOM has now confirmed some major changes to the UK's Numbering Plan which will affect the use of 0870 Numbers;

  • There will no longer be any Revenue on 0870 numbers by end of January 2008.
  • Mobile and Fixed-Line providers are to charge the same or less for 0870 calls as they do for National Rate Calls to UK Geographic Numbers (01 or 02).

OFCOM's changes are mainly in line with their proposals published in the Public Consultation in September 2005, many of the responses to the Consultation highlighted the case for changes to 0870 Numbers and increased consumer protection.

These changes may have both Financial and Customer Service implications for Businesses and Organisations currently using 0870 Phone Numbers.

As a PECN Operator, TTNC has many Customers who use 0870 Phone Numbers that will be affected in one way or another so we have put together a Web page with some information. If you use 0870 Numbers then make sure you read this information as these changes will affect you.