New Version of the Novero Platform™ is Launched

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After successful Beta testing by some of our Resellers and Standard Customers, we are pleased to announce the launch of version 3.0 of the Novero Platform ™.

The new version of the Novero Platform™ has many new features such as allowing customers to set up Inbound VoIP Numbers and viewing even more detailed Real-Time Call Statistics.

The Novero Platform™ is also now available as a 'White Label' Control Panel which allows our Resellers to offer their own Customers a Login to the Novero Platform™, saving the Resellers valuable time and resources.

Behind the User Friendly Interface of the Novero Platform™ there is an Advanced Application which Connects Directly to our Network and Interacts with our Switches and Servers in Real-Time.

The Novero Platform™ is accessible 24 Hours a Day via our Web site and has the following Features that Customers can use:

  • Connect Numbers and Allocate them to an Account
  • Set Up Call Routing Plans and Services for Numbers
  • Make Unlimited Changes to Call Routing Plans Free of Charge
  • View Current and Historical Call Statistics
  • Download Call Data Records (CDR's)
  • View Current and Historical Call Costs and Top Up Statements
  • Create and Manage Customer Accounts (for Resellers)
  • Suspend, Delete or Cancel Services