Real-Time Statistics and Reports Available for Inbound Calls

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Real-Time Call Statistics and Billing information for Inbound Calls are now available to all of TTNC's customers using the Novero Platform, the Advanced Online Telecoms Control Panel.

The Call data is updated every 15 seconds, 24 hours a day and is also available to download in .CSV (Excel) format if customers wish to view their Call Statistics offline, or Import them into their own Billing or Reporting application.

Details in Call Statistics include:

  • Date This field shows the Date of the Calls made to your Number (dd:mm:yyyy)
  • Time This field shows the time for every Call made to your Number (hh:mm:ss)
  • Caller CLI Shows the Telephone Number of your Callers (*even if withheld)
  • Caller Location Shows the Town, Country or Mobile Network that your Caller is Dialling from
  • Destination This field shows the Destination of where your Number is Routed to
  • Duration The Duration of each Call Made to your Number in Minute and Seconds
  • Cost Shows the Cost for each Call made to your Number if any Charges apply

Type of Call Statistics and Reports available:

  • Calls per Hour by Day
  • Calls per Week by Month
  • Total Calls Per Month
  • Call Minutes per Hour by Day
  • Call Minutes per Week by Month
  • Total Minutes Per Month
  • Call Cost per Hour by Day
  • Call Cost per Week by Month
  • Total Cost Per Month

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* From the 1st of September 2007, we are not allowed to show the the withheld numbers in the CDR data. You can send a request to if you want to have a list of the withheld numbers on your account.