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Call Tracking - The process of linking an inbound phone call with a source, usually a marketing channel. This is accomplished by displaying a dedicated telephone number on each email or advert. Call Tracking is used to evidence the success of a campaign, and to optimise future marketing strategy.

Do you pay for advertising for your business? If so, how do you know the response rate to your adverts?

Any form of paid advert, whether online or in the local paper, needs to show a return on investment (ROI) to be viable. Simply put, the ROI is a line in the sand where your advert becomes profitable. If a campaign doesn't make it across the line, then you're losing money, and ultimately need a rethink of your marketing strategy.

According to a 2019 report by the Data & Marketing Association, 62% of businesses are measuring ROI. The difficulty comes when advertising on multiple platforms. If all of your adverts have the same content and, more importantly, identical contact details, it becomes impossible to calculate how well a single advert has been received.

How do you determine which of the many adverts prompted a potential customer to call?

The solution is quite simple, have a different number on each advert.

Tracking Numbers

By using a unique TTNC number in your advert, leaflet or mailshot you can easily determine the effectiveness of your campaigns. This can be as easy as digging into our powerful Call Statistics, which comes as standard with every myTTNC account.

If you're advertising in different areas you should always look to feature a number with a local dialling code. Digital Marketing company Clix found that 72% of customers search for, and use, businesses less than 5 miles from their home.

This means, that if you can determine which were the most responsive areas, you can focus your advertising the next time and hopefully see an increase of the ROI.

Multiple TTNC numbers make it easy to determine how successful your advert has been.

Call Statistics

Using the Call Statistics within myTTNC will give you the complete picture. The ability to filter on individual TTNC numbers, their associated tags and date range mean that getting the specific information is simple. There are a large number of columns to view, however they can be added and removed to suit, allowing you to extract only the data that you require.

Some of the most useful columns for Call Tracking are:

      • Number - the number that was dialled.
      • Tags - the tags associated with the TTNC number - this can show that the number is for an ad or an email campaign.
      • Alias - the nickname assigned with the TTNC number - this can show a specific advert.
      • Call Time - this is the time the call came in.
      • Caller - the caller's phone number.
      • Location - the location of the callers dialling code or their mobile network.
      • Destination - the destination number that answered the call.
      • Duration - how long the call lasted.
      • Cost - how much the call cost.
      • Status - whether the call was answered, if a voicemail was left or if the caller hung up.

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In addition to the simple Call Tracking via myTTNC, we also offer a more in-depth approach with Google Analytics or API Integration.

This gives you the ability to track Keyword searches, Google Ads and more. For more information, see our blog post

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