Call Whisper and Number Presentation - quickly identify calls

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Continuing our look at some of our Call Management services and their effect on your customer’s experience we’re throwing two together today.

This is because Call Whisper and Number Presentation, although they’re different in how they operate, they actually achieve the same result.

How do they work? Both services enable you to identify whether a call has come through your virtual business telephone number (like those you get from TTNC, of course). Call Whisper does this by playing a brief message in your ear when you answer a call. Number Presentation shows your virtual number on your phone’s screen (rather than the caller’s number).

First impressions count

What these services enable you to do is tailor the way you answer your calls. Those first words that you say to a new enquirer can make all the difference to how they perceive you and your business.

The opening greeting on a call can often feel rather contrived: “Hello and thank you for calling. How can I help you today?”. But in fact it’s about control. You’re demonstrating to the caller that you’re expecting the call to be about the business. You’re letting them know straight away that they’ve called the right place. If they’re calling for a Plumber and they hear you say: “Thanks for calling Expert Plumbers” they’ll be relieved.

Taking control of calls will help you help your customers more efficiently. It’s not that you don’t want to have a chat with them; building rapport with a customer is important, but you want them to feel that their being dealt with properly, but you also have other customers to look after.

Gauging response

Another aspect to these services relates to what you’re using your telephone numbers for. If you’re placing different numbers in different adverts to track response rates, these services can give you a feel of how well that’s working. Obviously you want to be digging into the Call Statistics we provide to really work out what’s happening, but if you keep seeing the number you placed in the Weekly News showing on your phone’s display, you can gauge that the advert is doing quite well.

These are just a couple of ways you can make use of these services. If you’ve got any questions or you want to chat through how you might make use of these services, as always, just get in touch.