Dialled Number Presentation vs Call Whisper - What’s the difference?

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As a sales representative at TTNC, I get asked a lot of questions about our Call Management services. A lot of people use the same handset for both business and personal calls, and need to know what type of call is coming in. We have two services available to help you identify the calls, so when it comes to deciding which one to go for, I need to ask you this – do you prefer to see things or hear things? That’s the main difference!

The need to identify calls

You get a call from an unrecognised number - is it your mate, who’s new number you don’t have saved, asking you if you fancy a beer? Or is it a customer calling your TTNC number, to request the service your company provides? There's no way to know until you answer the call.

With Dialled Number Presentation, the clue to how it works is in the name - it presents the number that was dialled. On your handset, you will see your TTNC number instead of the caller's number.

Call Whisper will play a short recorded message when you pick up the call. This could say “Business Call” or your company name for example. The caller would not hear this, nor would they be aware that it is being played.

Using either of these services will help you distinguish how best to answer that call. Will it be a "'ello mate!"? Or will it be “Good afternoon, TTNC, Michael speaking, how can I help?”?

You may be thinking, “what if I miss a call?” We’ve got that covered too. With Missed Call Alerts, you can get an email or SMS to say that you missed a call on your TTNC number - this alert would show the number that was dialled along with the number that called you, giving you a chance to call that customer right back! Alternatively, using your personal online control panel (myTTNC), you can check your call stats to see the number of the caller.

Still confused?

Read more about each Call Management Bolt On here:
Call Whisper - www.ttnc.co.uk/services/call-management/bolt-ons/call-whisper/ Dialled Number Presentation - www.ttnc.co.uk/services/call-management/bolt-ons/number-presentation/

Michael Holden