Mini Case Study - how numbers break down barriers

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In just a month’s time, runners will be gearing up to take part in the Morrisons Great North Run, all in aid of charity. Whether you’re taking part in the run, or sponsoring someone you know, raising as much money as possible can provide a big help to those in need.

And if you’re a charity, you want people to be able to donate as easily as possible. Having the right phone number can really help with this.

Charities and businesses are concerned with breaking down boundaries between them and their supporters or customers. Those boundaries could be geographic (stuck in one area), or cost (expensive call charges) or just getting noticed (versus competitors).

Using 03 Numbers, you can smash through all these boundaries - they're UK wide, cost the same to call as a landline and plenty of memorable numbers are available.

For charities, there's even an exclusive selection of 0300 Numbers you can use (everyone else can choose from the 0333 Numbers).