Introducing 03 UK Wide numbers

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Growing awareness - 03 UK Wide numbers

We've recently been receiving quite a few enquiries about the 03 UK Wide number range; clearly awareness is growing of this new range of numbers.

An alternative to 08 numbers

Ofcom released the 03 number range as an alternative to the 08 number ranges we're all familiar with. The 08 numbers still have their place; 03 numbers aren't intended to replace them fully, but they do provide an alternative with a key benefit.

The rise of the mobile phone

It's probably the case now that more people are making calls from their mobile phones than landlines. Some people are abandoning fixed landlines in their homes altogether, just making use of the phone they have with them all the time.

This is why the 03 number range is beginning to grow in popularity, potentially over the 08 number ranges.

  • A customer calling an 08 number from their mobile can pay up to 40p per minute, depending on their provider.
  • A customer calling an 03 number from their mobile can have the call included in their free minutes from their provider.

Instantly there's a key benefit for businesses. The ability to present themselves on a national scale, just like the 08 numbers, but without their customers having to pay a high price just to call them. Suddenly the customer grows in confidence, feeling able to contact the business, hopefully more often, increasing their loyalty to that business.

In the same way, if a customer has a free minute plan with a landline provider, calls to 03 numbers can again be included.

Charity, non-profit and public sector organisations - 030 numbers

Within the 03 numbers, there is a particular range dedicated to charity, non-profit and public sector organisations. That range begins 030.

Using an 03 number with TTNC

We have thousands of numbers in this range to choose from. As always there are numbers from £25 all the way up to our most memorable numbers at £595 (prices exc. VAT). The costs to our users are exactly the same as using a UK Geographic number in terms of diverting calls to a UK landline or mobile.

For more information - Read about our 03 numbers here