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Telephone numbers are a key part of your business. Without it, communications with your company are limited to email which can be impersonal and take too long. Therefore you need to ensure that you are making the most of your telephone system.

There are many things to consider, such as call groups, recorded messages and caller ID routing all of which TTNC can help with but something simpler can have a much larger impact: your phone number.

Memorable Numbers are simply phone numbers that are easy for people to remember.

The brain can remember on average between 6 and 9 numbers at a time, which is why phone numbers are often grouped into 3, 4 or 5 digits at a time.

Within these blocks, the most memorable numbers are:

  • Single repeats – 1111, 2222, 3333
  • Repeated pairs – 3344, 6677, 8899
  • Double repeats – 2323,1616, 7474
  • Consecutive runs (ascending/descending) - 1234, 5678, 6789/ 8765, 6543, 4321
  • Step up-and-down digits – 1232, 6787
  • Mirrored digits – 1221, 7667
  • Repeated prefix – 233, 0233/ 688 6887

Before potential customers call you, they can form an idea of your business thanks to your digits. Memorable numbers offer a wide range of benefits to a business, including:

  • Memorable numbers are just that – memorable!
    Having a phone number with a pattern (e.g. 800 800, 58 59 60, 466 477) means the digits can be grouped together. Psychologists have suggested that the brain can remember seven pieces of information. With your area code you have more than that. So a memorable number groups the numbers together, meaning fewer segments for the caller to have to remember!
  • Memorable numbers can form part of your brand identity
    If you have a memorable number, it can be used as part of your brand identity. The memorable number spells out what their business does. For example, office furniture suppliers could have 633 423 (OFFICE) or a mobile handset distributor could have 662453 (MOBILE). Creating a word from your numbers helps you stand out from the crowd.
  • Memorable Numbers Track your marketing efforts
    So you sent out that email campaign to all your leads last week. Did it work? How many calls did it generate? If you use a special number for a campaign it is easier to track the leads it creates. Combine your marketing number with Business VoIP Phones and Users and you can let your sales staff know why someone is calling before they answer allowing them to answer with a highly-targeted greeting.

With memorable numbers bringing in more business leads, forming part of your brand identity and helping you track your marketing activity, they can certainly make a difference to your bottom line. And with memorable numbers starting from just £95.00+VAT they provide a fantastic return on investment (ROI).

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