Professional voice recordings to serenade your customers with

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When people call you for the first time and hear your Call Greeting or Virtual Receptionist, it is important to get the right tone of voice. Depending on your business type, you need a voice to match. A posh hotel wouldn't want to use a farmer-like voice, just as an extreme sports shop wouldn't want to have the voice of a professor.

Some people are blessed with a lovely voice; others not so much. If you're part of the latter, recording the greeting yourself might not be an option. So to help you get the right tone for your business, we have access to a team of professional voice artists who can perfectly record your script for your business.

Develop your script

Before you begin, it is important to get your script written and double checked to make sure it reads correctly. As with the voice, this needs to reflect the appropriate tone of your business. Using the posh hotel example again, they wouldn't want their Call Greeting to say something like “Yippee! You've called our mega awesome hotel. We are super excited to have you stay with us!”. This doesn't reflect the professionalism that you'd expect from such a high class establishment (although I can't really think of any business that that sort of greeting would apply to).

Choose an artist. May be even some music...

Once your script has been finalised, you're ready to select your artist. We have four male artists, four female artists and, if you fancy some background music, six different musical pieces. You can listen to the different samples either on our website or if you're an existing customer, in myTTNC Store.

Let us record that for you

So you now have your script and you've decided on an artist, but how do you get the recording created? Firstly you can email us the script and name of the artist you'd like to use, or direct through the myTTNC Store if you're an existing customer. Once your recording has returned from the studio, it can be applied to the appropriate services, ready to impress your customers.