The Novero Platform™ is Launched

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We are pleased to Announce the Launch of the Novero Platform™ which is Version 2.0 of our Online Control Panel. Customers now have extra Call Routing Options to choose from and more details for Call Statistics.

Behind the User Friendly Interface of the Novero Platform™ there is an Advanced Application which Connects Directly to our Network and Interacts with our Switches and Servers in Real-Time.

The Novero Platform™ is accessible 24 Hours a Day via our Web site and has the following Features that Customers can use:

  • Connect Numbers and Allocate them to an Account
  • Set Up Call Routing Plans and Services for Numbers
  • Make Unlimited Changes to Call Routing Plans Free of Charge
  • View Current and Historical Call Statistics (Download CDRs)
  • View Current and Historical Call Costs and Top Up Statements
  • Create and Manage Customer Accounts (for Resellers)
  • Suspend, Delete or Cancel Services

The Novero Platform™