The secret strength of the humble Local Number

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From Thurso in Scotland (01847) all the way down to Penzance in Cornwall (01736), the humble local number carries with it a devouring hunger to see your business grow. With presence, passion and power...OK stop it, Woody, that's enough. So what am I talking about? Some people don’t appreciate that a Local Number holds untapped potential for many businesses.

The dark cloud of 08 numbers

It would seem that businesses, especially large businesses, like to use 08 numbers, but we have definitely seen bad press about 08 numbers. Now, don’t forget, 08 numbers do have a place and a certain sense of direction about them but when you visit a company's website and go to their ‘Contact Us’ page and there you see an 08 number for you to call them on, oh, please don’t let this be true. And thus a dark cloud looms up between you and this company.

I like to see 0800 numbers as they’re free to call from a landline; but not from a mobile. 0845 numbers scare me (who knows how much you’ll be charged to call one) and then you have 0844 and 0871 numbers; no thank you. You think you’re always going to end up at a call centre and nobody really likes call centres, do they?

Local Numbers that put the customer first

Suddenly from the dark cloud that had come between you and this company you see that they have a Local Number! Shock, horror, hold the phone! Now, we like Local Numbers. Why? I can call them on my mobile and use my free minutes; or from my landline it’s just a local call rate. But more than that, it’s because you feel more connected to a company with a Local Number. You think they’ll provide a more personal service, may be you think even a better service, after all, they’ve thought about their customer enough to provide a choice of ways to contact them.

Don’t just take the first number, make it memorable

You know what I said at the start of this blog, about the humble local number? You see customers come and visit our website, and just say: “Oh, I’ll just have that standard Local Number. That will do”. Remember, you can buy standard local numbers starting at £25, but we also supply some amazing memorable numbers for any of the area codes in the UK. Just think, that Local Number might just be the most powerful tool you own.