We've expanded our International Number ranges!


We are excited to let you know that we have increased the coverage of our International Numbers to cover over 60% of the planet!

It is now easier than ever to expand your presence around the globe and be local to customers in 58 countries, that's 20 new countries! We have local, national and toll-free numbers across the globe.

You can purchase a local or national number from more than 2,700 cities and areas, benefiting from all the same functionality as our UK numbers. By using an international number, you will build trust locally and allow customers to call you at their local call rate. The cost of an international number starts at just £5 per month with a £10 set-up charge.

Not only that, we've updated our regulatory requirements to make it as easy as possible to purchase numbers in locations you want.

We can now offer Local and National Numbers in the following new countries:

Argentina (Local)
Chile (National)
China (Local)
Croatia (Local)
Colombia (Local)
Estonia (National)
Georgia (Local & National)
Guatemala (Local)
Hungary (Local & National)
Iceland (Local)
Kazakhstan (Local)
Kenya (Local)
Panama (Local)
Russian Federation (Local)
Singapore (Local)
Slovenia (Local)
Thailand (Local & National)
Uganda (National)
Ukraine (Local)
Venezuela (Local)

In addition to the 20 new countries, we also have a selection of new ranges within existing countries. We are pleased to be able to offer a wider range of numbers across the world. We can now offer Local Numbers in the Netherlands and South Africa, and National Numbers alongside existing Local Numbers in Belgium; Cyprus; Ireland; Israel; Lithuania; Romania; Spain and Sweden.

All our International Numbers can be purchased by either completing the enquiry form on the International Numbers page or via myTTNC.

You can view all the available areas and their regulatory requirements in our straightforward guide on our Help Centre.