myTTNC Store - a better way to peruse our numbers and services

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We have a large range of different services to help you get the most out of your numbers. Most of our customers love what we offer, but there are others who don't even know what's available.

Our website has detailed information on all these services which is great for new customers, but not so great for existing customers who have to order through the Novero Platform. So to make it easier, we've created myTTNC Store.

Purchasing in the Novero Platform

Buying things in the Novero Platform is a mixed experience depending on what you're after. Some things are account wide (such as call credit and Call Management Packages), whereas others are number specific (such as the Bolt On services). This leads to the buy links being located in different areas. Some of these links are located clearly, whereas others are hidden away. If you previously read my first blog post about myTTNC (you can read it here if not), you may remember that I talked about the Novero Platform being designed by techies. And in true techie/Vulcan fashion, these links are in the logical place. Which unfortunately doesn’t make sense to anyone else.

Some of the technical limitations of the Novero Platform also mean that certain things can only be purchased separately from anything else. For example, if you top up your account, you can't buy a new phone number at the same time. This is not only confusing for customers (and confusing for us too!) but also means that you could end up having to make multiple payments.

Everything in one place

myTTNC Store contains everything you could ever want to buy from TTNC, all in one place. We set out to make more of a shopping experience in myTTNC and hopefully we've created something that will make it easy for you to buy what you need, to help you enhance your numbers. There's no more hunting around for that link or making multiple purchases.

When you first visit the store, you’re greeted by four icons representing the main categories of we sell; Phone Numbers, Packages, Bolt Ons and Credit. Clicking on one of these icons reveals all the available products in that category, so you can find anything we sell without ever leaving the page. We also have each main section listed in the sidenav to quickly get you where you want.

The phone number search has been updated and is now easier to use than ever. We have also added a suggested number feature for those of you who don't mind what number you get.

You can now easily upgrade and downgrade your account wide package, with changes automatically taking place from the first of the following month. We've also included a comparison table, so you can quickly see how each package stacks up against the others.

Adding Bolt Ons has been greatly improved. Each Bolt On contains the same detailed information you'd expect from the website, so you can learn everything you'd want before you buy. We've also made it easy to add a Bolt On to multiple numbers, so you no longer need to go through each number. Just select the appropriate numbers from a list.

Finally, we've added some new things. You can now order a Professional Voice Recording by entering your script on the page. If you have a number with another provider, you can port it to us to manage it through myTTNC.

A better way to shop

Bundling everything we sell into one place is a vastly better shopping experience than what we offer now. Being able to quickly move around and find exactly what you want is a big improvement over searching through the different pages in Novero.

We're searching high and low to squish any bugs we find in myTTNC and expect to have it launched any day now. We will be informing everyone via the usual email and social networks once it's out. We hope you enjoy using it as much as we've enjoyed creating it.