TTNC - Protection against over spending and bill shock

Billing /

Nobody likes nasty surprises, and we all know that some destinations and telephone numbers can be expensive to call.

As a communications provider, we take a role and responsibilities seriously and try to protect our customers as much as we can.

That's why we have features built into our platform, that protect our customers from overspending or receiving higher than expected call charges when using our service.

What do we do?

We have various measurements in place such as setting the maximum call charge rate to 10p per minute, barring calls to Premium Rate numbers and giving the customer the ability to control their spend on a daily or even hourly basis.

We usually recommend our customers to start on a PAYG set up if they're unsure of the amount of traffic they'll be doing. Traffic can suddenly increase and can sometimes be unexpected.

We allow customers to top up their account automatically, however, we also restrict this to two times per 24 hours. If a customer requires more than this and they are topping up frequently, we'd suggest using one of our Monthly Minute Tariffs.

As a member of the ITSPA and a holder of the ITSPA Quality Mark, we restrict calls to destinations which have been known by the ITSPA for fraudulent activity.

Number Spoofing

We occasionally receive reports regarding nuisance calls displaying numbers that have been allocated to us by Ofcom.

Most often than not, the TTNC number displayed on nuisance calls has been falsely used as the Caller ID, and the calls do not originate from our network or our customers. This technique is called “Spoofing” and is frequently used by fraudulent callers.

Our systems are designed to allow our customers to display a TTNC number as the CLI (Caller Line Identification) on outbound calls. We also allow customers to register another number as an outbound CLI, as long as they can prove ownership of that number. Once we have checked the ownership of the number, and as long as we are happy with it, we will allow it to be used as the CLI on outbound calls from our system.

If you are a TTNC customer and have any questions about how we protect customers, or want to learn more about what restrictions we have in place then please get in touch with us.